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  The Canterbury school
PdP’s music style has been defined as Canterbury. Here some inspiring statements:
Piero Scaruffi (rock reviewer and historian) «The most original english pop wave was born in Canterbury (Kent, 60 miles from London). ‘Diversity’ defined the image and stylistic identity of this socially excluded population. It was inspired by avantgarde jazz, minimalist electronic, folk and, most of all, by Zappa’s total music.»
Richard Sinclair (Hatfield And The North) «I think Kent has got a particular sound. We've sung it in our schools here, I was part of the Church of England choir: up to the age of sixteen I was singing tonalities that are very English. In Canterbury, musicians, friends join together and play music together, and then they head off around Europe and play their music and get noted for this type of sound».
Hugh Hopper (Soft Machine) «I think it's a rather artificial label, a journalistic thing. Canterbury has never been a really good place to play. It wasn't until Robert and Daevid went to London to start Soft Machine that anything happened at all. They weren't really a Canterbury band».
Robert Wyatt (Soft Machine) «I was at school there, I got married there and I lived there for a while, but I don't remember any particular movement happening there. If there ever was a Canterbury scene, it was when the Wilde Flowers became Caravan: they were Canterbury people».
Steven Feigenbaum (Cuneiform Records label manager) «In terms of 'style', Canterbury means who play a Soft Machine-styled music. I even think this list/site should include bands in the "RIO" style» (Rock in Opposition).
PdP admits having used up Hatfield and the North, Henry Cow, National Health and Soft Machine LPs (and BASF musiccasettes), but not being conscious to belong to this movement. Significant is the reason for the dedication to Robert Wyatt (italianized Roberto Viatti) of PdP’s first LP. The idea came out after a trip to London in 1974. The aim of the voyage was the purchase of a multitrack recorder and to look around in the London music scene. September the 8th Aldo De Scalzi, Andrea Beccari and Paolo Griguolo were witnesses to Wyatt's concert at The Royal Drury Lane Theatre (look at the fanzines), mythic happening of rock history. The title ‘‘Napier’’ is an other ‘spoor’ of this period: they lived in Napier Road.
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