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  Why Picchio dal Pozzo
The band's music existed before the band's name. Andrea Beccari, Aldo De Scalzi, Paolo Griguolo and Giorgio Karaghiosoff played together since 1973. At the end of 1975 they were ready to record their first LP but they still hadn't a band name.
For the daily rehearsals everybody brought something from home: a bass or guitar riff, a selfmade distorsion pedal, snares (for the drum), snacks (for tea time). One day Karaghiosoff arrived with a huge collage: he had composed a poem on the back of a fanzine, cutting words out from reviews. Some eighth rests gave the rythm for the breath and at the end of the poem there was a kind of medieval figure with armour and helm standing beside a well. Everybody thought that 'Picchio dal Pozzo' had to be the name of this misterious knight. The poem was recorded the same day by Cristina Pomarici, the band's sound engineer, and then inserted in Rusf. (audio)
Some days after the recording sessions came to the end. Renata Ruffino (Studio G's secretary) and Renzo « Pucci » Cochis (Studio G's sound engineer) reminded the band the two prolems left: they needed a name and a cover picture . There was few time left. Beccari said: "the name? Picchio dal Pozzo" and De Scalzi looking around: "the cover? There!" pointing at a calendar hanging at the wall; two problems solved in two minutes! The calendar was illustrated by Heinrich Ellermann Verlag, a publishing company specialised in books for children. Karaghiosoff wanted to insert his cousin's face (Mauro Fiore) doing his famous impression of the frog.
It's incredible how out of a juvenile exercise of litterature a trade mark came out, known all over the world still now: maybe it was the strong effect of Formitrol™!

... dunque Rusf è una donna
ovunque Madonna, Madonna
allora guarda la palla
fin'ora cavalla cavalla
mango trita carota
fandango Toyota Toyota
Silvan laggiù nella belva
salva selva selva
picchio dal pozzo
boh boh boh


  [1] A book released by Heinrich Ellermann © H.E. Verlag - [2] Cover of Picchio dal Pozzo (first LP 1976) - [3] Mauro Fiore.