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  The true story of Valdapozzo
Incredible, but two years after the finding of the Camere Zimmer Rooms' master, an other big surprise came out of the Studio G's archieve. In 2002, before some maintenence works, all the tapes of the studio had to be catalogued again. «....and so we found the tapes recorded by Demetrio Stratos in 1979. He used a multitrack recorder to overdub his voice in 'Sirene', but we recorded the whole performance to have a documentation for our music schools. After his dead however, we left the tapes on a shelf for 23 years, maybe just for a kind of silent respect». (Aldo De Scalzi)
«Listening to the tape, all the memories of his informal performance came back in our minds. I remember that many people didn't know Demetrio, but at the end of his stage nobody wanted him to go, they were amazed». (ADm)
«We decided to work on this material, freely but with respectful caution. We didn't want to use his voice as 'voice samples' for our songs and we knew that Daniela's opinion, his wife, was the same. So we agreeded to leave our 'PdP minds' home and handle these tapes as pure sound fonts». (Paolo Griguolo)
«I already knew the guys of Valdapozzo. They gave me the keys of their farm-workshop to set up a performance. When we arrived at the point to start our project, we knew we needed a place far from dayly life; so Valdapozzo was our choice, right in the middle of vineyards near Alessandria, we had only the last week of October 2002 to do the whole work. Studio G was emptied, we traveled with the whole equipment to the farm and set up the recording room at the first floor, a nice big room with woodden floor and a huge full-length window right on the country. No houses around, often foggy weather, we lost the concept of time; I think that if you listen to the music you can feel it. Very nice has been also the concert we had the last day, a sort of present for the guys of Valdapozzo: we had a big BBQ, somebody cooked pears in red vine and at the end we played, some brand new tunes and some improvisations. A 16 minutes take has been even inserted in the CD ».

(Claudio Lugo)
  At Valdapozzo farm some 'optional fornitures' contributed to create that 'warm feeling' every recording session needs.